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MTBO World Cup in Estonia 2012

Mixed Relay

Sunday – 23rd September 2012

Timing by Tak-SoftGPS Tracking by Sportrec


7:00-8:30 Breakfast

8:00-9:00 Opening hours of the Event Office (EC)

11:00 Mixed Relay in Värska

13:20 Flower ceremony at Arena

13:30 Start for Public Race (Middle distance)

13:30-15:30 Lunch

15:30 Prize-giving ceremony for Public race

18:00-1:00 Closing Ceremony and Banquet. Prize-giving ceremony WCup


Local times GMT+3


Finish arena: Värska stadium, 4 km from Event Centre
Parking to Finish: 200 metres
Start distance: at the arena
Map: 1:10 000/h=2,5m, size 210x297mm
First start: 11:00
Finish: Hand-timing, the time is taken when the competitor’s front tyre crosses the finish line. No punching on finish line.
Maximum cycling time (per team): 180 minutes
Refreshments: water at finish
Time limit for complaints: 14:00 o’clock.
Terrain: Sand-based open pine-forest on the banks of Värska bay and Mustoja stream. Moderately hilly with a lot of medium-sized hills and depressions with 10 - 25m of height difference in the central and southern part of the terrain, and flat areas with small contour details and many marshes on the rest of the area.
Well-developed network of paths in the vicinity of settlements and more sparse network in the wooded southern part. Majority of tracks are well-rideable with a firm grass and/or dirt surface; in dry conditions, some tracks with sandy surface get less-rideable. Some tracks and paths have been specially prepared or made more visible by cutting grass and/or branches along the course of the track/path or by riding an ATV to leave riding marks on the ground.
Day-specific remarks: competition and warm-up terrain is bordered by Estonian- Russian border. Border is fenced, monitored by surveillance cameras and motion sensors and guarded by armed personnel. Any attempt to cross the border will result in an arrest either by Estonian or Russian border guard!
Courses cross public roads with light traffic. There will be marshals at some of the most important crossings. Still, it is the riders’ responsibility to follow traffic rules and act safely.
Controls on the course have a back-up SPORTident unit attached to the closest tree from the flag by a cable and marked with a blue and white plastic ribbon.
Finish corridor/arrival to the changeover is not straight, it is bending 90 meters before finish line ca. 90 degrees, competitors should be careful. -- eol(a) -- Õpetaja 9 Tartu 51003, Kontor: telefon +372 52 32 977
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