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MTBO World Cup in Estonia 2012

Sprint FINAL

Friday – 21st September 2012


Timing by Tak-SoftGPS Tracking by Sportrec


8:00-9:30 Breakfast

8:00-9:00 Opening hours of the Event Office (EC)

9:30-9:45 Bikes loading for transfer

10:00 Departure to sprint event and opening ceremony

(30 min by car/bus from event centre to Räpina)

11:30-12:15 Parade and Opening ceremony

12:15 Warm-up area is open in Räpina

13:00 Sprint FINAL in Räpina

15:00 Flower and Prize-giving ceremony

15:00 Deadline for Long competition entries at the Event Office (in finish area)

15:30 Start for Public Race (Sprint distance)

14:30-16:30 Lunch

17:00-20:00 Opening hours of the Event Office (EC)

18:00-20:00 Dinner

19:00 Team Officials’ Meeting

Local times GMT+3

Finish arena: Räpina town square, 25 km from Event Centre
Parking to Finish: 500 metres
Pre-start to Start: 500m/10 metres from finish.
Map: 1:7500/h=2,5m, size 210x297mm
First start: 13:00
Start interval: 1 minute
Pre-start: 4 minutes
Finish: Hand-timing, the time is taken when the competitor’s front tyre
crosses the finish line. Route from last control to finish is not straight, but bends 90
degrees some 30 metres before the finish line. Be careful, breaking area behind the finish
line is short! No punching on finish line.
Start quarantine: At the end of the opening ceremony at the finish area at 12:15,
all participants must return to pre-start area (same as parking) 500m from the finish
using the same route as the parade. Warm-up maps are available at the pre-start area
starting from 12:15 o’clock. Competitors are not allowed to leave the limits of the map.
Finish quarantine: From first start (13:00) until the end of the last start, team members
may not leave the finish area.
Maximum cycling time: 60 minutes
Refreshments: at finish
Time limit for complaints: 14:45 o’clock
Terrain: Small town with a regular network of streets. Different types of
built-up areas from private houses to blocks of flats, municipal buildings and historical
industrial areas; parks and wooden areas along the river, around Sillapää castle and on
the outskirts of town. Height difference less than 10m. Riding from medium to very good.
Some tracks and paths have been specially prepared or made more visible by cutting
grass and/or branches along the course of the track/path.
Day-specific remarks: The courses cross several public roads with light traffic, and
the road to start is also a public road. There will be marshals at the most critical places
to help safe crossing and minimize disruption. Riders should follow the instruction of
marshals. Still, it is the riders’ responsibility to observe traffic rules and avoid unsafe
practices. Traffic speed limit in Räpina is reduced to 30km/h but streets are not closed for
Transport of clothing: All clothes and luggage will be transported from the pre-start
area to the finish, next to the bike rack/competitors tent. In pre-start area there will be
plastic bags for packing the clothes and other belongings. Please mark the plastic bag
with your competitor’s number. -- eol(a) -- Õpetaja 9 Tartu 51003, Kontor: telefon +372 52 32 977
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