World MTBO Championships

Junior World MTBO Championships


August, 26-31 2013


IOF MTBO World Cup
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MTBO World Cup Event 7

August 30, 2013 Rakvere

Rakvere - RELAY


Rakvere (59.3442, 26.3575)

From Event Centre to the arena In Event Centre

From Parking area to the arena 0,1 km

From arena to pre-start area 0,1 km 

Routes and Analysis


Online entry

Start lists



09.00-21:00 Opening hours of the Event Office

11:00 Relay

12:00 Deadline for final entries to long distance ( Event Office)

15:00 Open competition first start

18:00 Relay Prize-giving ceremony

19:00 Team officials’ meeting (Rakvere Sport Center)


  Length Nr of Controls Optimal route Total climb Refreshments Map size Online results Estimated winning time
Men 12. 2 -12.5  km 36 17.0 km 235 m No A3; A4 (map change) 3.3 km 48 min per leg
6.5 km
14.5 km
Women 9.2 – 9.5 km 31 12.9 km 165 m No A3;A4 (map change) 3.2 km 42 min per
6.5 km leg
10.4 km  
M20 9,3 – 9,6 km 31 12.9 km 180 m No A3; A4 (map change) 3.3 km 38 min per leg
6.5 km
10.4 km
W20 6.9 -7.1 km 23 9.7 km 150m No A3; A4 (map change) 3.2 km 34 min per
5.9 km leg
7.8 km  

Warm up: No special warm up area. Warm up near to Event Centre.

Map: Relay 1:10 000 / 2,5m, map size A3

First start: 11:00

Finish: The time is taken when the competitor’s front tyre crosses the finish line. No punching on finish line.

Time limit: 90 minutes (leg)

Terrain: Relay events are taking place in an area of suburban forests. It has many small and fast paths. Ski tracks are mapped using symbol 835 of ISMTBOM and have yellow background in wide

Special hazards: Puncture protection is strongly recommended. The area is open to public traffic. The courses cross several public roads
with light traffic. There will be marshals at the most critical places to help safe crossing and minimize disruption. Riders should follow the instruction of
marshals. Still, it is the riders’ responsibility to observe traffic rules and avoid unsafe practices. Traffic speed limit in Rakvere is reduced to 30km/h but streets
are not closed for traffic. There are warning signs in steep tracks.

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